Cateye EC3200 Upright Bike

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Class “A” Ergometer – European standard EN 957-5 for Ergometers is established and monitored by the European Committee for Standardization. There are three class levels of the EN 957-5 Standard A, B & C. Those Ergometers rated Class B or C must be labelled “Not Suitable for Therapeutic Purposes” when sold in Europe. To be rated as Class A, an Ergometer must achieve a top level of accuracy. The actual work rate in watts must precisely match the Ergometer’s computer readout on a consistent and repeated basis at multiple load levels.)


  • Patented belt drive magnetic disk brake system
  • Target zone heart rate alarm
  • Resistance level readout, 1-8
  • 8 Factor computer display of workout data including: Pulse rate, Wattage, Resistance level, Timer, RPM, MPH, Distance, Calories
  • Extra high seat adjustability with forward & rear tilt to fit wider variety of torso sizes
  • Handlebars with 360deg rotating handgrips
  • Heavy flywheel for even smoother pedal motion
  • Quick Start Feature (Simply Push the “Advance/Start” Button Twice)
  • Quality Construction and Warranted For Full Commercial or Health Club Use