Cateye EC3500 – Ergometer Recumbent Bike

Category: Recumbent Bikes
Manufacturer: Cateye
Recumbent bikes comfortably accommodate people of all types of abilities. With the seat of Cateye recumbent bike in a high position the pedal crank axle is level with or just below the hip. This position allows ease of mount and dismount and produces ‘normal’ cardiovascular workout. With the seat in a low position the pedal crank axle is above the level of the hip. This works a different set of muscles and increases the cardiovascular work rate during your workout and provides even the fittest athletes with a challenging workout.
Features include :
  • Cateye patented Eddy current Electromagnetic Disk Brake Belt Drive resistance system
  • Class A Ergometer EN 957-5 (European standard EN 957-5 for Ergometers is established and monitored by the European Committee for Standardization. There are three class levels of the EN 957-5 Standard A, B & C. Those Ergometers rated Class B or C  must be labelled “Not Suitable for Therapeutic Purposes” when sold in Europe. To be rated as Class A, an Ergometer must achieve a top level of accuracy. The actual work rate in watts must precisely match the Ergometer’s computer readout on a consistent and repeated basis at multiple load levels.)
  • Onboard computer provides five different programs and six different readouts
  • Seating that positions users from 4.75 to 7.0 feet tall in an ergonomically correct riding position
  • A bio-mechanically designed seat mounted on Cateye patented vertically adjustable recumbent frame
  • Automated Heart Rate Training Program – pre-set your desired heart rate for your workout and the EC3600 will increase or decrease resistance as needed to hold your heart rate to within 3 bpm of the target
  • Aerobic Power Measurement Test – this test is made possible and accurate by Cateye’s powerful onboard computers. This ten minute test uses the rider’s age, sex, weight and heart rate as compared to work rate. This date is calculated and the work level adjusted at three different stages during the test to determine overall fitness level. Upon completion of the test the computer reports the riders fitness level on a 1 to 5 scale and projects the maximum work rate in watts required for the rider to reach the upper limit of his/hers heart rate training capacity. Additionally, the computer reports the users Maximum Oxygen Uptake MOU (the body’s ability to transfer oxygen from the air to the bloodstream) using the American Heart Association Tables of Oxygen Uptake
  • Constant Iso-power Training Program – choose the number of watts of energy that we wish to expend and the Cateye EC3600 will increase of decrease resistance depending on pedal cadence to keep you at the desired number during your workout
  • Hill Profile Programs – choose from one of the three different mountain profiles, and specify your workout time
  • Manual Training Program – choose from one of 31 different work load levels at any time during your workout