Life Fitness 9500 – Classic Recumbent Bike

Category: Recumbent Bikes
Manufacturer: Life Fitness

The recumbent Lifecycle trainer features a wider, more comfortable seat and a semi-

recumbent position that enables blood flow to the heart. This new slant on exercise

makes stationary cycling easier for every rider. Finally, a means for an effective,

motivating and comfortable workout for everyone- a design copied many times by

other companies.

Ergonomic engineering of the 9500 improves on other recumbent designs by

positioning the rider’s legs slightly below the waist, eliminating potentially

troublesome hip and knee hyperextension; prevents unnatural forward and upward

pushing sensation. Position eases gravity’s effects on heart rate and blood pressure.

With less effort, the rider will work out longer and burn up to 15% more

calories on average, while benefiting from excellent development of glutoral and

quadricep muscles.

Key Features- The 9500 is has a self-regenerating battery, so requires no external

power source, making it very versatile and mobile.

  • Network capability
  • Flashing LED display for easy operation and program selection.
  • Oversized molded seat for comfort.
  • Five preprogrammed workouts
  • Easy adjustable sliding seat.
  • Great for rehab


  • L: 53″ W: 25″ H: 48″
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Power Requirement: Cordless
  • Weight: 122lbs