Support / Service

We continue to invest heavily in professional people, leading edge software and technology to keep you up and running and our reliable equipment is backed up by a dedicated product support service.

The four levels of equipment.

GymCare Australia offers a range of products to our clients and our equipment can be broken down into 4 main levels of quality. All levels provide a working piece of commercial equipment in varying conditions. The 4 main levels are as follows:

As Is Condition: This denotes a piece of equipment that is sold “as is” this mean that nothing has been done to the equipment other than a good general clean. This equipment generally will have marks on the paintwork and could have things such as dints, torn upholstery and any number of other cosmetic defects. The equipment still works as intended.

Refurbished: this denotes a piece of equipment that is sold after having varying amounts of minor repairs carried out on it such as replacement of pullies and cables and various other minor repairs. The equipment may still contain some cosmetic defects but still works as intended.

Fully Remanufactured: Equipment in this category has been fully repaired and is in an almost new condition. This equipment has generally been repaired both mechanically and cosmetically and is working at its peak performance. This is generally the closest you will get to a new piece of equipment without paying new prices. GymCare Australia specialises in fully remanufacturing equipment to the highest standard.

New Equipment: GymCare Australia offers a range of new equipment at great prices for all commercial fitness applications. For more information on new equipment please contact our sales team.

GymCare Warranty.

We offer a limited warranty on workmanship on most refurbished and fully remanufactured equipment. Warranty terms are specific to a piece of equipment sold and therefore we encourage you to discuss warranty terms with our sales team. All warranties and sales are in line with our terms and conditions which are outlined on the relevant page of this website.

After Sales Service.

We don’t just sell equipment we service it as well. Our after sales service and support programs available to all GymCare Australia clients offers both on site and in house options. Whether it be routine maintenance, minor repairs or major repairs we have an option to suit most pieces of equipment.

Our on-site service options and plans include regular maintenance by our fully trained technicians and all work is of the highest standards. Part of our service includes replacement parts and we have a wide range of parts available to suit most makes and models of equipment currently used in commercial fitness applications. You can find out more about our after sales and service support plans from your GymCare Australia sales consultant.

Fitting Out A New Fitness Centre?

Whether you’re fitting out a new commercial fitness centre, home or corporate gym or just looking for a piece of high quality equipment that lasts we can help. Our expertly trained technicians and sales consultants can assist you and your business to achieve your fitness goals. From finding and sourcing your fitness equipment needs to installation and setup GymCare Australia is here to help after all “there’s no business like our business”.

Contact our sales team today for more information on the full range of services we can assist your business with.