Technogym Leg Curl

Manufacturer: Technogym
Equipment for working out the hamstring muscles at the back of the thigh. The exercise is performed from a sitting position and with a guided trajectory. It involves flexing the legs to the back of the thighs and enables the hamstrings to be isolated without engaging the lower back. Resistance is provided by a weight stack which enables the workload to be adjusted to suit each type of user.
  • Researched cam design ensures optimal load curve
  • Shaped back rest and seat for comfort and stability
  • Easy to adjust shin pad
  • Ergonomic seat design
  • Double pivoting pads for reduction of ligament stress
  • Button adjusted lever to select the starting position

Recommended for:

  • Specific training of the posterior thigh muscles
  • Prevention and treatment of joint and muscle problems in the knee
  • Improvement in muscle tone and functionality of the legs
Technical Specs : (H)1485mm x (W)1050mm x (L)1300mm