• Calgym Cardio Climber

    Category: Climbers
    Manufacturer: Calgym
    Commercial Cardio Climber, Cal Gym, Features: Total Body Climbing Mode, Stepping Mode, with Digital Encoder with 5x LCD screens rotary button control
  • Life Fitness 9500HR – Lifestep Stepper

    Category: Steppers
    Manufacturer: Life Fitness
    Life Fitness 9500HR Lifestep stepper can radically step up our performance. Smooth, independent stepping action engages more of your muscles in each leg and glute. Life Fitness 9500HR forward thinking ergonomics, promote proper posture and biomechanically-correct motion. It truly is the ultimate stair climbing experience.
    • Self-powered with Auto Start, that eliminates the need for cords or outlets.
    • 20 levels of resistance give users of all fitness levels a challenging workout
    • Accessory tray, integrated reading rack, support handlebars and rear wheels for easier mobility
    • Polar®Telemetry (chest strap optional)
    • Interactive heart rate workouts with telemetry heart rate monitoring system.
  • Life Fitness 9500HR – Stepper

    Category: Steppers
    Manufacturer: Life Fitness
    The Life Fitness 9500HR Stepper can radically step up your performance. The smooth, dependent stepping action engages more of your muscles in each leg and glute. The 9500HR forward thinking ergonomics promote proper posture and biomechanically correct motion. It is the ultimate stair climbing experience.

    Features :

    • Computer provides feedback on time, distance, total calories burned/hour, heart rate, incline, speed, pace, program profile, watts
    • Touch rate heart rate feature
    • Pre-programmed workouts:
    • Fat Burn
    • Cardio
    • Hills
    • Random
    • Manual
    • Fit Test
    • Quick Start feature
  • Nautilus Treadclimber TC916

    Category: Steppers
    Manufacturer: Nautilus
    Nautilus has found a way to combine the fitness benefits of stepping, walking and running into one innovative and integrative product. This unit helps the user burn twice as many calories then walking on a treadmill alone. Aside from burning more calories, the TreadClimber is also easier on the joints and is configured for novice, as well as experts, to use.
    Specifications :
    • Dimensions : (W) 915mm x (L) 1780mm
    • Walking surface : (W) 533mm x (L) 1220mm
    • Motor drive : 4.8HP AC
    • Speed range : 0.8km/h – 7km/h
    • Programs : 8 workout programs
    • Heart rate : Touch rate workout programs
    • Weight capacity : 181kg
    • Optional extra : TV console (extra charge of $500 + GST applies for this option)
  • Precor C764 Stepper

    Category: Steppers
    Manufacturer: Precor
    Precor C764 Stepper
  • Schwinn 330i Stepper

    Category: Steppers
    Manufacturer: Schwinn
    Nothing burns calories more than a well designed stepper, and Schwinn 330i is one of the most selling machines in the Schwinn range.
    Features :
    • Computer provides feedback on time, steps, floors, feet, calories, calories/hr and meters
    • Sixteen levels of intensity for manual mode
    • Five pre-programmed workouts:
    • Intervals
    • Summit
    • Hills
    • Plateau
    • Mountain

    Multi-position side rails for varied hand position options.

  • Schwinn Console

  • Stairmaster 4600CL Climber

    Category: Climbers
    Manufacturer: Stairmaster
    The FreeClimber 4600 CL is the newest in state-of-the-art climbing exercise. It features patented design and great feel — and is packed with new features.
    Features :
    • 4600CL is cordless
    • “Hot Dog” soft pedals offer the ultimate in comfort and low impact.
    • New easy-grip Upper-Body Handles provide maximum user comfort.
    • Ergonomically designed side handrails to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels.
    • Contact Heart Rate – integrated right into the upper handlebars and is easily accessible.
    • Constant Heart Rate Training Program.
    Specifications :
    • Height: 175 cm
    • Length: 112 cm
    • Width: 81 cm
    • Weight: 57 kg
  • Stairmaster Stepmill 7000PT

    Category: Steppers
    Manufacturer: Stairmaster
    Features :
    • Full 8” step requires complete stairclimbing motion
    • Patented design ensures safe, biomechanically correct movement
    • Electronic braking mechanism precisely controls the speed of the drive system for a continuous, rhythmic climbing speed
    • Revolving staircase speed may be varied from 30 – 156 steps per minute
    • Motivating programs include a nationally (USA only) recognized fitness test to gauge your progress
    • Includes  Polar® Heart Rate monitor capability

    Computer console motivates you throughout your workout by giving

    • elapsed time
    • calories burned
    • miles travelled
    • floors climbed
    • step rate
    • relative exercise intensity (METs)
    • power output (watts) for workout-to-workout comparisons
    Specifications :
    Height: 198 cm     Length: 127 cm
    Width: 74 cm        Weight: 181 kg